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Most used Internet Lingo on Social Media

Internet Lingo or Internet language is the language used in the internet or social media by all the users that help to send the messages fast and can make the things fast.  Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp , Kik messenger,  instagram, reddit , texting and many more platform users use these codes or short words to type and send the messages or reply fast to his friend or nay person who sends the messages.

Social Media most used Internet Lingo :

Recently while using the Facebook i have found many internet lingo words here are the few examples of the internet slangs SMH , LOL , ROFL , WTF etc .. these are few . Learn the meaning of What does SMH mean in text

What is the use of Internet Lingo :

Without knowing the meaning of the internet lingo already it as become the part of life , every one who uses the internet are very familiar with the internet lingo and most of them use this language while chat or texting . Find the what is SMH

How to learn the Internet lingo ?

Getting interested with the internet language and want to learn what does the each word mean and want to know how to use the internet language . Go to google and search for the internet slang or most used internet lingo and you can get the good information about the Internet slang . Learn more about the internet slang here at the wiki page

There are lots of internet lingo for which can help you go fast in the social media or in social networking …